Philip H Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Where does the competition take place?

Jeppe High School for Girls, 160 Roberts Avenue, Kensington, Johannesburg. 

2 When does the competition take place?

  1. Round One starts on 18 July 2020.
  2. Round Two is held on 1 August 2020.
  3. The final round in the form of a Gala event will be held on the 15 August 2020.

3 What must contestants bring when they compete in the preliminary rounds?

  • Original scores of the work/s that they intend to play, even if the performance is from memory. Copyright law makes this mandatory.
  • Photocopies – there is no need for photocopies at the Gala.

4 Can a contestant enter more than one instrument?

A contestant may enter more than one instrument at the stipulated entry fee. However, a contestant may not enter the same instrument more than once.

5 Will a contestant be penalised for playing from music scores?


6 What is the closing date for this 2019 competition?

Entries close on 24 May 2020. All entries must be received on or before this date and no late entries will be accepted.

Please type the contestant’s details on the entry form. Forms incorrectly filled in or incomplete will also not be accepted.

7 How do I enter?

Teachers must enter one student per entry form. If teachers have more than one student participating, they will be required to photocopy the entry form. Complete the form in full, using legible text and e-mail it to:

    • fax 086 575 6929

8 What do I include with the entry form?

A certified copy of the birth certificate or identity document for each contestant, stapled to the back of the entry form. Copy of proof of payment. Entries without these documents will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

9 How much does it cost to enter?

A 8 – 10 years
B 11 – 12 years
C 13 – 14 years
D 15 – 16 years
E 17 – 18 years
F 19 – 25 years
R1 000

10 Are entry fees refundable?

Entry fees are non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.

11 How do I pay entry fees?

Entry fees in the form of cheques must be marked “Not Transferable” and made payable to JEPPE GIRLS MOORE MUSIC COMPETITION. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted. Receipts will not be issued as cheques will serve as proof of receipt. For security reasons, please do not enclose cash in any posted entry forms.

Cheques must be made to JEPPE GIRLS MOORE MUSIC COMPETITION. Cheques may be returned at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Direct deposits can be made to the following account:

Bank Name: FNB (BOB 2002 ACCOUNT)
Account number: 62 006 807 252
Branch: Bedford Gardens 
Branch code:   252155

Proof of direct deposit MUST BE FAXED to 086 575 6929 marked ‘PHMMC’ and the contestant’s name as the beneficiary reference OR E-MAILED to All faxed correspondence is to be marked for the attention of Elize Kruger. An acknowledgement of receipt of your Entry Form will be emailed to all the e-mail addresses on the Entry Form. Should you not have received an Acknowledgement of Receipt within 5 days of e-mailing us your Entry Form, please contact Elize at to confirm we have received all the necessary documents.

12 Where can I buy tickets for Rounds One and Two?

At the door – cash only. R20 per person excluding accompanist, page turner or current music teacher.

13 Where can I buy tickets for the Gala event?

At the door to the Hall at Jeppe High School for Girls.